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Karah or atta halwa is a sweet dish served in gurudwaras, Sikh places of worship, after the prayers are finished.  However, before I go into the details of this dish, a short lesson in the reasons for why food is served in gurudwaras.

Gurudwaras are places of great generosity and immense hospitality. You can walk into any gurudwaras anywhere in the word but especially in Punjab and you will be served food in the communal kitchen. Everyone is welcome to not only come and eat but to also help with the food preparation. The communal kitchens in the gurudwaras bring together the people of all castes, rich and poor as equals to share food. This tradition comes from one of the key tenets of Sikhism that all  people of all castes, especially the untouchables should be treated as equal and communal kitchens put that tenet into real practice. This amazing tradition has continued unbroken for hundreds of years and one of my favorite reasons to visit gurudwaras!

Just like all the food that is served in gurudwaras, karah is a simple dish made using three ingredients: wheat flour, sweet and ghee. After the religious worship, two kinds of sweet dishes are offered to the worshippers: a dry mix of sweet treats or karah. I would always pray that the priest was serving the karah rather than the dry sweets and have been known to go stand in line more than once to get multiple helpings!

My mom made karah on special occasions and I am sharing the recipe on the birth date of the founder of the sikh religion, Guru Nanak Dev, a man of great vision, benevolence and courage.

I hope you will give it a try.


Recipe for Making Atta Halwa
Freshly Made Atta Halwa
Recipe for Making Atta Halwa
Freshly Made Karah

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