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What’s your favourite dessert?

My mom’s recipe for making gajrela from sweet pink carrots (gajar) and khoya (reduced milk) has always been my  absolute favourite dessert. While it’s available year around in the halwai shops, the traditional cooks who excel in making Indian sweets,  it’s best to make gajrela during the winter months. This is because fresh and good quality carrots are available only during the cold months. Moreover, the shop-bought gajrela is no match to the home-made gajrela.

My mother and I made this gajrela together today and my little nephew declared that this is his favourite dessert now! I hope it will become your new favourite too.

Recipe for Making Gajarpak
Gajarpak Made from Fresh Carrots
Recipe for Making Gajarpak from Fresh Carrots
Gajarpak Made from Fresh Carrots

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