Recipe for making amla pickle

Amla Pickle (Indian Gooseberry Aachar)

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What good is Indian gooseberry?

Recipe for making amla achaar
Amla achar

Amla is considered a superfood in India and is one of the key ingredients in the Ayurvedic, Indian medicine system. It’s full of vitamin C along with other nutrients and is widely consumed in various forms: pickles, murabbas and jams. It’s even used as a hair mask and the amla oil is used for hair and scalp massage.

My mom makes amla aachar almost every week in the winters.  The reason for making it fresh every week is that it not only it tastes best when made fresh but it also doesn’t last very long. So it’s a good thing that my mom’s recipe for making amla achaar is super easy and delicious.

We eat amla achaar with most meals in the winters and is especially good with the the saag (green mustard and spinach leaves dish which is a signature dish of Punjab) and makki roti (corn chapattis). After having this dinner recently, my little nephew declared it to be the best dinner he’s had so for! That’s pretty high praise from a 10-year old!

I will post recipes for saag and makki roti in future. In the meantime, try the amla aachar.


Recipe for Making Amla Achaar
Freshly Made Amla Achaar

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